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PROPANE  02/23/17 10:11:48 AM

 While selling LP gas to you and offering price programs, payment plans and service to you is very important to us, the NUMBER ONE thing that we feel must be in place with every sale is



IT IS THE POLICY OF CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY THAT IF A CUSTOMERS TANK GOES EMPTY, WE WILL ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING: (1) THE CUSTOMER MUST BE HOME OR LEAVE THE HOUSE UNLOCKED, BEFORE ANY LP GAS WILL BE PUT IN THEIR TANK. (2) WE MUST PERFORM A PRESSURE AND/OR LEAK CHECK OF THEIR ENTIRE LP GAS SYSTEM. (3) WE MUST RELIGHT THE PILOTS, NOT THE CUSTOMER! Under certain circumstances, propane gas may lose the distinctive odor that was added. This is sometimes called "ODOR FADE", and it can occur both in new steel containers when first placed into service and in used steel containers left open to the atmosphere for a long time. For example, air, water, or rust in a propane tank may weaken the gas odor through a chemical process called OXIDATION. This can occur in any size container but is most likely to occur in small containers, or cylinders, especially if the valves were left open to the atmosphere after the container was emptied. Therefore, you should keep the service valve closed when the cylinder is empty or not connected for use. In addition, you should install a cylinder valve plug. This will help prevent air and moisture from entering the cylinder.


We can make your purchase of propane easier and more affordable with our innovative payment options. We offer summerfill discounts, budget payment plans, prepayment plans, electronic payment (EFT), and of course a cash discount is available. Credit cards are accepted as well! As we enter the new millennium let Consumers Cooperative Society be YOUR supplier of clean burning, efficient LP Gas.

For more information call 1-800-272-0007 anywhere in Iowa, or (319) 545-2012, locally. Ask for Randy Skriver, Jeff Miller, Brian Neppel, Locke Beard, Dennis Skay, or Steve Bradish
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