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LUBRICANTS  02/23/17 10:11:24 AM

We sell CENEX brand lubricants! Today's heavy-duty diesel and automotive applications are pushing agricultural, commercial and industrial equipment to new levels of endurance and expectation. CENEX's time proven and fleet tested diesel and automotive lubricants stand up to these very demanding conditions. We are proud to be able to offer these quality lubricants to our customers! Heavy-duty engine builders in North America are faced with improving emission performance standards and fuel economy requirements. Engine designs are evolving to higher performance levels which have created a new set of problems - hotter running engines, increased oil oxidation, deposit formation, increased soot loading and filter plugging. CENEX oils are formulated to meet these demands to protect your engine and increase performance. These oils are formulated with high quality, high performance base oils that contain greater than 90% saturates and less than 0.03% sulfur. What does this mean to you?
  • Better low temperature flow
  • Higher oxidation and thermal stability
  • Better volatility control
  • Better soot dispersancy in today's low-emission engines
CENEX lubricants provide all-weather performance, from hot Texas days to frigid upper midwestern nights. The multi grade oils are designed to provide low temperature cold weather starting, which decreases engine wear. Likewise, the superior high temperature/high shear viscosity of CENEX lube oils help protect rings and bearings, retard engine wear, provide longer engine life, reduce maintenance and decrease downtime - which means lower costs to you! CENEX oils provide superior piston deposit and oil consumption control in either low-sulfur or high-sulfur fuel environments. These oils have proven themselves in thousands of hours of severe field service and controlled testing with John Deere, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, and Volvo engines. We have a complete line of automotive and diesel engine, hydraulic, and industrial oils, as well as grease, metal working fluids, and even food grade lubricants. All are backed by an exclusive CENEX warranty. For more information call 1-800-272-0007 anywhere in Iowa, or (319) 545-2012

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